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Questionwhy are you so anti feminism?? If you don't support it then keep it to yourself. Answer


"why are you so anti-nazi-ism?? if you don’t support it keep to yourself"

fuck you and fuck your ignorant trash-boat mindset

Feminists threaten to kill woman for saying men need abuse shelters.

Feminists prevent a meeting about male suicide.

Feminists stage mock murders to scare men. 

Feminist attacks male cartoonist and is hailed a hero of feminism.

Feminists shut down forum for battered husbands.

Propaganda campaign against male fathers wanting custody.

Feminists wish to slander accused names before convicted. 

Try to shut down female prisons.

Create rape laws that exclude female rapists.

Make it impossible to charge women with rape.

Feminists against equal custody.

Female felons should serve home sentences.

Told judges to be lenient on women.

Feminists cover up female domestic violence.

Feminists don’t want the gov to help unemployed men.

Feminists launch campaigns to help girls only while boys are doing worse in every facet of education.

Males who were raped as a child still have to pay child support.

Women should have the right to put a child up for adoption before the father gets custody.

Feminists against beyond reasonable doubt when it’s male rapists.

5 rights feminism ignores for men.

Feminists blame males for their abuse.

The primary aggressor clause where only men get charged with abuse.

Shame men into going to war.

Feminists dismiss female child rapists.

Feminists say men can’t talk about domestic abuse.

Feminists mock a man who has his dick cut off.

Strawmanning MRA members.

feminists attack church.

Feminists transphobia

Feminists slander the MRM


And again, 

Call them terrorists.

Feminists say Men can’t be raped. 

Feminists defend female raping minor.

Feminist defends why fucking an 8 year old boy isn’t rape.

Feminists primary aggressor clause discriminates against males.

Feminists cover up female domestic abuse stats.

Woman smashing bottle in mans face in public. Nobody gives a fuck.

Jezebel mocks men who are abused.

Feminists make sure the gov doesn’t spend money on male shelters or male research.

Female on male abuse in public is at best ignored, and at worst celebrated.

Public stops a man from abusing a woman in public, same crowd laughs when the roles are reversed. 

No funding for male shelter. 

Founder of Canadas only male shelter for abuse forced to close due to lack of funding before committing suicide. 

Violent crimes? Only a few examples. One of which is their violent protest against Warren Farrell when he spoke in Toronto:

Another would be this mob of pro-abortion Feminists in Argentina:

Feminists disrupt a forum for battered men:

Tumblr users sarah-bunny and feminism-is-your-friend harass and DOXX an Asexual rape victim:

Tumblr user manhatingfeminist tells a user to kill themselves:

Tumblr user musemorplsunerd defends a woman who raped an 8 year old boy:

Feminists threaten to kill woman for saying men need abuse shelters.

Feminists prevent a meeting about male suicide.

Feminists stage mock murders to scare men. 

Feminist attacks male cartoonist and is hailed a hero of feminism.

Other than that, I’ll list some occasions of Feminist groups fighting against equality.

Father’s rights group want shared parenting (equal custody) to be the default if both parents want custody and neither parent is unfit.

The NOW fought against thisMultiple times. They also started a propaganda campaignagainst Father’s Rights Groups.

Men want protection against false rape allegations. They feel that a man’s life should not be ruined simply on the allegation of a woman who may be a vindictive liar. Currently, a woman can accuse a man of rape for no reason, and the man’s name is splashed in the paper and his life is ruined. So, they fought for laws granting men anonymity until charged with the crime of rape—not convicted, just charged.

Feminists fought against this as well.

Men want an end to the justice system favoring women simply because they are women, and giving men harsher sentences simply because they are men.

Feminists fought against this, arguing that no woman should be sent to jail, even women who had murdered multiple people.

Men want equal treatment when victims of domestic violence, and to not be arrested for the crime of “being male” under primary aggressor policies.

Feminists fought against this by trying to suppress evidence showing that half of domestic violence is done by women, by threatening the researchers with bomb threats, death threats, etc. Modern, younger feminists are doing it as well.

And sadly, they were successful in this effort of propaganda. For decades, and continuing today, violent men are (rightfully) convicted and punished by the state, while violent women are left to freely terrorize and harm their partners.

The feminist definition of domestic violence has skewed arrest and prosecution philosophies, resulting primarily in having only male batterers criminally pursued.

Men want female rapists to be arrested, charged, and convicted with rape. In Western countries, women are rarely punished when raping men, due to the biased legal system. In some countries, women cannot be punished when raping men, since rape is defined as a male-perpetrated crime.

Feminists fought against this in India, arguing that “there is a physicality [in] rape” and that it would make things “more complicated for judges.”

Feminists fought against this in Israel, claiming that changing the law would result in men filing false rape claims.

Men don’t want to be thrown in jail because they lost their jobs and temporarily cannot pay child support.

Feminists fought against this, trying to lower the amount to $5000 before a man is guilty of a felony for not paying child support. If a man loses a decent-paying job, he will now be a felon, go to jail, lose his right to vote, AND be unable to find future jobs—if he cannot regain an equal-paying job within a few months.

Men want equal economic support and help from the government. When the recession hit, male-dominated fields like construction lost millions of jobs, while female-fields like education and healthcare gained jobs. So the government proposed an economic stimulus for those fields.

Feminists successfully fought against this, arguing that it was discrimination to support men, and caused the government to give money to women who didn’t deserve it. Hundreds of professional feminists complained against the “sexism” of helping men (who had lost jobs) and not women (who had gained jobs).

A representative of the Michigan National Organization for Women testified in opposition to the Revocation of Paternity Act, which stopped the old law which stated that if a woman was married and cheated on her husband, the resulting child is considered to be legally the husband’s and the biological father had no legal rights to fight for custody or parenting time with his biological child.

In other words, the amendment would have “taken away” women’s rights, by treatingwomen exactly the same as men.

Some may argue that these cases of feminists harming men is not “representative” of feminism. I ask you: Are there any cases of feminists helping men? No. Yet, there are many cases of feminists harming men.

It is reasonable to conclude from these facts that feminism fights to harm men.



Feminists are always screaming “Educate yourself!” but I’ve never seen any of them make a giant post with tons of links to websites saying why feminism is needed. Seems like anti-feminists are the only ones doing research.

Do you…

  • Lock your windows?
  • Shut & lock your front door when you leave your house?
  • Shut & lock your car doors when you go into a store?
  • Use a bike lock when you leave your bike unattended?
  • Use a padlock on your work/school locker?
  • Avoid giving out your SSN, credit card number, bank account number, or any other type of sensitive information?
  • Avoid talking to strangers?

In other words, if you’re doing any of those things, you’re actively using safety measures to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a crime. I cannot fathom why the concept of ‘safety measures’ is lost in discussions of sexual assault. No, it is not the fault of the victim. No, rape does not happen “for a reason.” However, rape is just like any other crime: there are preventative measures that can be taken to avoid becoming a victim of said crime.

Teaching men not to rape is not the answer here. A rapist is not going to stop midway through an assault because they remembered that once, in a high school sex ed class long ago, they were told that rape is a crime. The thought that rape is a teachably avoidable crime is absolutely asinine. 

Teaching men not to rape is not going to stop rape. Point blank period?

Teaching people how not to become victimized is the best, most effective way of preventing rape.


  • Get Anon message about feminism not being a toxic movement etc.
  • Ask for examples.
  • Never hear from them again.





Two brides have become two of the most kickass women in the world by marrying to protest against homophobia in Russia.

Alina Davis, a 23-year-old trans woman, and Allison Brooks, her 19-year-old partner, donned matching white floor-length bridal gowns and married at a civil registry office earlier this month.

As Davis is still legally regarded as male, the office had no choice but to hand them a marriage certificate.

The couple said officials chided them, and appeared to be violent.

‘She called us the shame of the family and said we need medical treatment … I was afraid my pussycat [an affectionate pet name in Russian] would beat the fuck out of her,’ Davis said on her VK page.

But the couple were allowed to sign the papers, meaning a gay couple in Russia are legally recognized as married – even if it’s through a loophole.

‘This is an important precedent for Russia,’ Davis said.

Russia banned same-sex marriage and outlawed ‘gay propaganda’ in 2013.

holy jesus look at these two warrior princesses

they are my heroes


"Oh, you don’t wanna recognize my gender? Okay then lol guess you have to recognize my marriage"

that is amazing



Feminism has always been about fighting for women’s rights, and never men’s, when and why did modern feminists start saying it’s for men too?

Good question. Feminism could solve a lot of their problems if they admitted that they were not really about mens rights, and that another movement should take care of that.

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QuestionI hate how hypocritical some people can be. There's this SJW that goes around telling people you can't use words like 'stupid' and 'dumb', even when not directing them at someone. One of their friends started harassing me and calling me names. I blocked them and they continued. I asked them to tell their friend to stop, and was told that 'freedom of speech' is a thing and that I couldn't expect them to be able to control what their friend types. Answer

Christ, I can’t stand that kind of shit. I’m sorry they were being such a dicknugget. You call them out, they get pissy. You ask ‘em to quit being an asshole and suddenly it’s your responsibility because free speech.

No, assholes, that’s not how it works.

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QuestionYou are on a roll. Don't stop! Don't stop! Answer

OMG So Happy

You’re too kind, nonny dear!

  • First Wave Feminists: We fought for the right for you to vote and you got it
  • Tumblr Feminists: Yeah but you know patriarchy
  • First Wave: Well you are the majority of voters now so why do you keep voting for men?
  • Tumblr Feminists: PATRIARCHY!
  • First Wave: Lets try something else, how about you run for congress yourself then, you also have equal opportunities to get an education.
  • Tumblr Feminists: I'm a gender studies major
  • First Wave: Yeah but you also complain about not enough female doctors/lawyers/engineers have the equal opportunity to get educated why not?
  • Tumblr Feminists: MALE PRIVILEGE!
  • First Wave: Yes how are you being oppressed again? You can vote right?
  • Tumblr Feminists: Yes
  • First Wave: Go to school?
  • Tumblr Feminists: Yes
  • First wave: Hold a job in any occupation you want?
  • Tumblr Feminists: Wage gap! Plus women are actively oppressed out of pursuing any important careers...
  • First Wave: But you CHOSE gender studies, were you offered the chance to take something else...
  • Tumblr Feminists: Yes but men
  • First Wave: Did what?
  • Tumblr Feminists: Um....they said girls shouldn't do that
  • First Wave: And?
  • Tumblr Feminists: PATRIARCHY!
  • First Wave: Do you even know what feminism is? Or did you just redefine it as your right to whine about whining?